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Many altcoins have entered the crypto market, where everyone is trying to be unique with interesting features. Those features include their ecosystems, trying to grow their community rapidly by organizing presales.
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The crypto world is definitely different and stands out from the other markets. It changes rapidly depending on how investors make their decisions which can result in either huger profit or great loss. The current crypto market is on a downward path since almost every crypto has reached its greatest fall. This especially hits Bitcoin which was at its highest price on November 12, 2021. It hit the mark of $64.400 per coin. After the start of 2022, the price started to rapidly go down which also affected other coins as well.
Many altcoins have entered the crypto market, where everyone is trying to be unique with interesting features. Those features include their ecosystems, trying to grow their community rapidly by organizing presales.
This has a massive role in how the coin is going to develop in the future. Today we are going to talk about an interesting project that has had a huge impact on the environment. We are presenting you with the IMPT.io.
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IMPT.io – a project with huge potential
IMPT.io is one of the best projects with the purpose to reduce carbon emissions that will help our environment. We can for sure say that it is also the greenest cryptocurrency that you can buy currently on the market that can give you nice profits since the hype around this project is huge.
You should know that connecting users with various eco-friendly projects that have the same goal is the purpose of IMPT.io. More than a thousand largest retail brands allocate a specific percentage of the sale margin for environmental projects. Those kinds of projects are going to help us save our planet.
Regarding the token itself, IMPT relies on its blockchain technology. It records transactions and tracks assets in a business network. The users can accumulate the IMPT tokens until they reach the necessary amount for their project. More details follow as we are going to give you 3 reasons why the price of this token is going to go high.
3 reasons why the IMPT price could be about to break free
As we mentioned earlier, the IMPT.io project is going to have a positive effect on our environment. On the other side, you can make huge profits with this coin, and here are 3 reasons why the price will go up in the near future.
●       It utilizes the features of the Blockchain market
●       Helps companies avoid fraud and double counting
●       Availability of carbon assets
It utilizes the features of the Blockchain market
Blockchain is widely known as a decentralized database that can be visualized as a form of data, while carbon trading, on the other hand, uses data. You can buy, sell and retire carbon credits with IMPT.io platform. All those carbon credits are minted into NFTs, and this also helps prevent fraudulent activities. You will get a more stable and transparent ecosystem thanks to the blockchain. And it is also addressing environmental challenges in the most efficient way.
Helps companies avoid fraud and double counting
Again the blockchain is eliminating double-counting band fraud and every company is going to benefit from that. In order to make this happen, the blockchain makes use of a distributed ledger where all network users participate. Not a single user can spend what they have twice, or spend more than their balance.
Availability of carbon assets
The tokenization of carbon assets would help the industry generate revenue from transparent and secure records. It will allow organizations and companies to acquire official certificates that can be used as verified proof of carbon offset initiatives. That is also going to be supported by an inflexible blockchain transaction that anyone can view.
Other reasons that are going to increase the price of IMPT
This coin has been backed by many investors, and you should not miss the chance to be a part of something bigger. Among many reasons why this crypto is going to explode, lies one in particular. The IMPT promotes transparency by helping chain general information back to the source on a blockchain. The system is regulating the fraudulent activities of its users.
Adding up more is that it has a burning mechanism, which helps with NFTs that have retired from circulation. Once they're gone, you are not going to be able to resell them. 
All the reasons we mentioned are strongly supporting IMPT coin and will have a great effect on its price. Now regarding the predictions and some hard facts, they already hit some milestones. $4 million in presales, which just confirms that it is the crypto you should definitely buy right now and wait for the price to boom.
Here are also some general predictions for the carbon offset market which are most interesting. It is going to be worth over $700 million by 2027 according to IMPT.io. This is a very promising market where many people will look for their chances to be a part of it. You should be a part of this project too, since it can earn you some nice profits, and on the other hand you are doing it for a good cause.
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Another great platform trading platform is going to bring revolutionary features and many innovations when it comes to crypto trading. Dash 2 Trade is going to become huge and it already raised over  $518,000 within the first 24 hours of its presale. The taxless D2T token is going to support this trading analytics platform. Make sure to check it out.
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Dash 2 Trade features
The features of this platform are quite something else. Since this platform allows users to access signals, metrics, and social trading tools for every type of trader.
The core of the Dash 2 Trade platform is its powerful and innovative dashboard. It brings together all the tools, metrics, signals, and indicators to turbo-charge trading performance.
Here are all the features listed regarding the Dashboard, some of them are still under development:
●      Auto Trading API – connect directly to your broker to trade
●      Risk Profiler – helps you improve your decision-making and minimizes the risks
●      Listing Alerts – immediate access to new crypto listings for all subscribers
●      On-chain Analytics – it will scan leading networks around the clock to identify specific trends
●      Social Trading – follow D2T most successful traders and compete for prizes
Regarding the D2T tokenomics, the dashboard operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The D2T token complies with the ERC-20 standard. The total supply of D2T is 1 billion tokens. Another piece of information that you should know is that the D2T token will always be taxless. There are also going to be Trading Competitions and rewards within the D2T ecosystem.
Chose the right subscription
There are 3 subscriptions for you to choose from, and each of them is packed with additional features:
●     Free Tier – D2T tokens are not required for this membership. Users will have access to the Dash 2 Trade market which offers tier-one pricing information which all traders should use. The main goal of this subscription is to offer insight into the Dash 2 Trade dashboard.
●       Starter Tier – gives you access to advanced on-chain data and basic insights into notable presale launches. You are limited to 2 watchlists, but you have access to automated trading tools and members-only Discord channels where the users can discuss metrics and insights.
●       Premium Tier – all features are accessible which includes access to the quarterly trading competitions, where 5% of subscription fees are allocated to the prize pool. Plus many other features that you should check right now.
We have presented you with some strong facts and interesting features of the IMPT.io project. The potential of the coin and current hype is quite promising since they already hit a couple of milestones. It is on a good path, and the whole concept is eco-friendly which is going to help the environment. You should use this opportunity to your advantage and invest. Besides making nice profits from the coin, you will also be a part of something bigger that involves the safety of our planet.
The other part of the article welcomes a new amazing platform Dash 2 Trade with awesome features that will help you become a better trader and earn more profits within this interesting new ecosystem.
You should always be smart regarding your investments. Make sure to make thorough research regarding the projects, coins, and their history. Good preparation will save you a lot of headaches and of course a lot of money. Be aware that the crypto market can sometimes be unpredictable and that many outside factors may have an impact on current prices.
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