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The internet is firing up as new revelations pour in about the next boxing fight of popular YouTube KSI. Olajide Olayinka (JJ) aka KSI on the internet has a very bright career in the Boxing Ring. He has an impressive 3-0 streak and a 67% knockout ratio, which is very rare and praiseworthy from a newcomer. His brilliant performance so far has put him in a grand spot in the world of boxing. 
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JJ has earned consideration from other boxers as a very worthy opponent. He gives his all in every fight he takes. He started getting recognition after his fight with fellow YouTuber and Boxer Logan Paul.
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In their bout, KSI was the one who came out victorious. After that, he had taken many fights and made a name for himself. But recently there were no new updates about his next fight. Fans were very eager until some interesting rumors started to spread across the internet. 
On October 16, the news page dedicated to KSI on Twitter posted a tweet about some recent revelations. KSI NEWS is a non-affiliated Twitter page run by @AOTP_HUNTER. They cover all kinds of KSI-related news and updates and are the first ones to give out all-new revelations about the YouTuber’s projects and plans.
In the tweet, it reported, “KSI revealed that the guy he’s fighting in January is very tough and will excite everyone.” Giving some new insight about the opponent JJ is about to face in his next boxing match. 
YouTube Boxing Star KSI Comments Jake Paul Is “Light Work” for Him, While Reminiscing His Iconic Fight With Logan Paul
9 days ago
“Tough” and “Excite Everyone”. These two revelations can have a plethora of meanings. Like, is he fighting someone new or is he fighting his old nemesis, Logan Paul or Swarmz, again? Fans also had a lot of questions, so they started speculating about what could this mean in terms of JJ’s next opponent.
Best bet is probably Talia Mar in all seriousness
— Riyan (@ProbablyRiyan) October 15, 2022

Woodley or Fournier probs. Maybe Dillon Danis
— Lambs🐑 (@Lambs905) October 15, 2022

Swarmz rematch incoming
— IAM41D3N (@IAM41D3N) October 15, 2022

Probably joe fournier
— Darvin Ham Supporter (@DyLakers2) October 15, 2022

He's been pretending woodley is good so I guess it's gonna be him unfortunately
— Jesse vinsmoke (@vinsmokeDsanjii) October 16, 2022

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On October 7, the manager of KSI Mams Taylor replied to a fan’s tweet from his official Twitter account. The fan had asked if the rumors were true and if KSI was actually going to fight Joe Fournier. In his reply, Mams said, “If the people wanted it, why not.” 
This tweet, by JJ’s manager, had the fans hyped up, as they really wanted to see these two fighters clash in the ring. But unfortunately, there hasn’t been any confirmation or declaration about the next step of KSI’s Boxing career. So fans may have to wait a little longer to get answers to their curiosity. 
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What do you think about this revelation? Do have any speculations about KSI’s next opponent? Let us know in the comments below. 
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