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Founder of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood has been one of the most heard voices within the market considering her image around Wall Street. In addition, for her stances and opinions over various issues, she also falls into controversies not frequently though. Yet given her choices of stocks and preferring tech stocks very early makes her vision worth discussing around the space. 
Recently Wood was seen talking about the tech stocks and brought some interesting facts and figures to talk about. Wood believes that there will be growth in the market cap of disruptive innovation from the current level of 7 trillion USD to reach up to 210 trillion USD by 2030. She added that the portion of tech in the broader base of the public equity market would go from less than 10% to 60% by that time. 
Wood argued that if someone is short on innovation then the person might end up losing some of the unprecedented opportunities within the market. 
Cathie Wood is all in terms of her reputation and fate for her belief in the new technology. Specifically, she believes that new technologies given their ability to interact with each other will bring transformation within the world. She looks towards the emerging sectors of technology including artificial intelligence, genomic, blockchain and robotics and thinks that they can avail new perceptions towards the world. Combinations of these technologies are expected to bring new cutting edge solutions within medical treatments and self-driving systems. 
The evidence of Wood being bullish on tech could be taken out from the example of forming the ARK Innovation ETF, a flagship fund. The fund reached its highest point during February month of last year. However it dropped down by 78% since then. It was the same ETF which witnessed a growth of more than 300% following the market crash of March 2022 due to Covid-19 pandemic. 
Given her interest in innovation, Cathie Wood is one of the supporters of Tesla. She even stated the electric car company to be among the most innovative companies. Earlier she reportedly said that she has pretty much confidence within the company. 
Woods said in a recent interview that there has been significant growth of preferences of customers towards electric vehicles like Tesla. The reason is pretty obvious, the rising oil prices. She added that it’s clearly visible that the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. The demand for fuel went down below the level of what it was during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
She reiterated her stance when she stated that she thinks that innovation will be there to solve the emerging problems of supply chain issues and crises with food and energy, etc. 
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