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Cricket is a team game with a ball and a bat. It is popular in Asia, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. And the British have been playing it for over 750 years! Great Britain without cricket is inconceivable as well as without Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot. Just as there is no one among Americans who does not know the game of baseball, so in England the rules of cricket are known to everyone from birth. If you want to not only play cricket but also make money on it, you can bet on sports on the रूले website.
Cricket has English roots and appeared in the 18th century. The word “cricket” comes from the Saxon “cric” – a shepherd’s stick. Many researchers claim that shepherds had fun on pastures with this stick and ball, where the ball rolled well in the low grass. It is possible that this stick gave the game its name, although this issue remains controversial to this day.
One way or another, the game has acquired the status of a national sport in Britain. The first club was organized in Hambledon, in the 60s. 18th century Then the capital of the state became the center of the game – playgrounds were built here and new clubs were opened. So, in 1787, the Marylebone Cricket Club was founded, which approved new rules of the game a year later.
England was a colonial power, so its national game soon covered the colonial countries: Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and others. National teams appeared in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada, and the Caribbean countries. In 1900, cricket entered the program of the Olympics, but did not last long. Since only two teams, English and French were represented at the Games in cricket, this sport was deleted from the Olympic list due to insufficient competition.
The first world championship between three states – England, Australia, and South Africa was organized in 1912. But the winner could not be identified – weather conditions interfered. The second time the World Cup was played was only in 1975, and since that time the world cricket championships have been held every 4 years.
The fight is conducted on an oval-shaped grass field, in the middle of which there is a rectangular zone – an earthen pitch. It is indicated by special gates – devices made of wood in the form of an inverted “W”.
There are two teams in cricket, and there are 11 participants in the team. One of the teams takes the position of attacker, its goal is to break the opponent’s wicket with the ball while earning as many points as possible. The other team is the defenders, their function is to keep the wicket and prevent the attackers from earning points.
The ball is served along the length of the pitch, in the playing areas indicated by marking lines – crises. The player of the attacking team serving the ball is called the bowler. A defender who deflects bowler shots with a bat is a batsman. There is also a wicket-keeper – a player who defends the wicket.
The bowler and batsman positions are occupied in turn by all participants from both sides. Each cricketer can make 6 throws, collectively called “over”. The bowler throws the ball and the batsman hits it. Points are awarded for the range of the projectile: 4 points to the edge of the pitch, and 6 points beyond it. If the ball did not fly far enough, the batsman can get additional points by running to the opposite gate and returning back.
The rest of the team members are dispersed around the court, their task is to prevent the opponent from getting points and defending the wicket. If the wicket is broken, the batsman is out of the game. And so it continues until the last participant, after which the first period of the game ends – the inning. After that, the teams change positions.
And of course, an important point is the equipment of athletes. Cricket involves the use of special equipment: 6 columns and 4 crossbars for the wicket, two bats, and a ball. Professional cricket tournaments require the players of each team to have a uniform. And the defender of the gate is obliged to wear protective clothing.
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