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Tonoy Sengupta
|Sun Oct 16 2022
Kyrie Irving has some rather interesting theory on the planet we live on
Kyrie Irving sure is an interesting guy.
Of course, his ability on the basketball is a sight to behold. However, his thoughts and ideologies off it are something the NBA community has had its eye on for a long time too.
Over the years, he has come to be known as the man who is absent from the team for about half the year tending to one cause or another. Though it must be noted that there is a massive amount of exaggeration at play in all the conversations regarding them.
But frankly, his tendency to take holidays off work isn’t exactly weak either.
However, this is Kyrie during his most recent years in the league, a stark contrast to how he was at the start of his career. But it had to have started somewhere, right?
Well, apparently it did. And frankly, fans should’ve known the kind of person they were in for after this little incident was revealed.
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There are shockingly a whole bunch of Flat Earthers on this planet of ours to this day. And apparently, Kyrie Irving was once a part of that army.
Now admittedly, the original clip of him admitting he believes in the Flat Earth theory can no longer be found. However, there are several clips of him justifying his stance on the matter, one of which is right here, below.

There are also clips of him claiming that he was only joking when he spoke about believing the flat earth theory, so frankly, he may deserve to be cut some slack here. Furthermore, even if he believed it several years ago, there is a strong chance that his beliefs have changed completely.
However, if the man still believes in the theory, that is quite something, isn’t it?
At this point, even most scientists would probably just find themselves chuckling on the matter, rather than be exasperated.
But until Irving announces his current beliefs, one can only speculate.
When it comes to scientists, Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably the most well-liked one out there, on the face of this planet.
Whenever he is brought on a show of any kind, he has been asked questions about space, aliens, and even some questions on theoretical physics concepts, such as the Multiverse theory.
But never had he been asked to react to a basketball player in any kind of way. Or at least, that wasn’t the case, until the Kyrie Irving incident.
And here was his reaction.

While he does seem to be speaking facts, and trying to go about this in a logical manner, he does seem a tad bit snarkier than usual.
We can’t imagine Kyrie Irving being the biggest fan of that.
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