Letters: November 26, 2022 – Winnipeg Sun

No wonder he supported it

I see from your article that the CSIS director supported the decision to implement the Emergencies Act. Looking at this statement, it implies that the decision was already made by someone else. I wonder who made this decision? Trudeau is the first who comes to mind. Seeing what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, it is no wonder that the CSIS director supported the decision. Wonder how much this so-called hearing cost us Canadian taxpayers so that Trudeau can duck the issue.
Bruce McMahon
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People do seem to get in line or pay a price, don’t they?
A high price to pay
It’s about time all the facts are reported. The main reason people are struggling to achieve their goals in life even at $20 an hour is because of the fact that a $20-an-hour job isn’t a reality in Canada. Simply because at $20 pay per hour, after taxation and all other deductions the employee is lucky if they bring $13-$14 home to spend and when they spend that $13-$14 they are taxed again on every dollar they spend. I have always said that living in Canada is a monumental struggle for the working poor to stay one step ahead of the tax collector! And the main reason for this mess is that socialism doesn’t come cheaply.
Charles Owen
With government expanding constantly and offering more and more services we cannot afford, the money has to come from somewhere.
Fund oversight
A breathless communique, detailing a historic agreement at COP27 was finally announced. After having to go into overtime, bleary-eyed delegates agreed to a pact, in which developed countries will have to provide funding to undeveloped countries to offset their climate change costs. “Developing” countries such as China will not have to contribute to this fund, as apparently since they continue to build about one coal-fired power plant per week, they’ve already done more than enough.
Al Willey
Any agreement classifying China as a “developing” country is laughable.
In reference to your article dealing with the Emergency Act and the Liberal/NDP coalition (Was it a threat or not? Nov. 22), what I see is a gross misuse and abuse of the law of Canada, the Canadian Constitution and the trust of Canadian people. These people have lied, misled and manipulated the system and at the end of the day they will walk away with absolutely no consequences whatsoever, with a huge government pension. Until there are consequences in place such as huge fines and/or lengthy prison sentences, they will continue doing the same thing because at present there are no consequences, so again at the end of the day, what’s the point? Just a huge waste of taxpayers’ dollars.
Gary Froescul
Hopefully they learn from their mistakes.
More interference
Re: Chinese accused of interfering in Canada elections (PM not briefed on election interference? Preposterous, Gunter column, Nov. 22). No person who is not a resident of Canada, may during an election, influence electors to vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate. So why is it OK for Justin Trudeau’s friend Barack Obama to tweet support during our country’s election?
Richard Pluim
Would be interesting to see Canadian authorities try to arrest any former U.S. president in his home country.

Even the lower standards of Justin Trudeau and his advisers for invoking the Emergencies Act were not met
Trudeau’s testimony will cap six weeks of hearings
Trudeau testified he stands by the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act: ‘I am absolutely… confident that I made the right choice’
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