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The bold and beautiful Paige Spiranac is not a professional golfer anymore, but she significantly influences people. She has a following of over 3.6 million followers online, and her words mean a lot to them. Recently she unveiled a secret about the pro golfer Dustin Johnson during her podcast, ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee.’ In her podcast, she shares her experiences of personal and professional life and also discusses the latest happenings in the sports world.
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She is not confined to golf tournaments but covers everything in and around the sport in her discussion. The former golfer does not fear anyone and honestly pours her heart out during any debate on the podcast. Same in the latest episode, she revealed what fans did not expect. Let’s find out what she said about Dustin Johnson.
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During her latest episode of the podcast, ‘Goalposts, Zozo + Q&A,’ she and her co-speakers, Samantha Marks and Dan Regester, brainstormed golfers who would have more exciting biopics than John Daly.
Battle of the Divas: Golf Beauty Paige Spiranac vs Paulina Gretzky, Who is Richer?
about 1 month ago
While discussing a better biopic, Spiranac came up with an unexpected name, although it made sense after her explanation. According to the internet queen, if there was any golfer she wants to know more about, it must be Dustin Johnson. She was dying to know “who he is.” Her co-speaker disagreed and suggested that having a biopic of someone else would be better because a movie on Johnson would be boring.
But Spiranac had her views. She expressed her feelings and said the movie would be interesting. According to the ex-pro golfer, a lot has happened in a two-time major winner’s life, and people are unaware of it. He is a private person who keeps his personal life to himself, which leads fans to speculate about things on their own rather than knowing the facts. And it would be incredible for people to know him.
It’s vital to hear from the golfer and people from his life, as they will tell the facts and people will know him better. 
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The former golfer might not know much about the US Open champion. However, there was one thing she knows about him and was fascinated by it. The relationship between Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson bewitches her. 
The couple’s funny discussions after the Masters Victory in 2020 left Spiranac wondering about their relationship. After the victory, Paulina kissed Johnson with teary eyes. He said he’d call her when she told him about picking up the kids. The Johnson family makes Spiranac happy, and she wants him to win more to see their love. She said“I want DJ to win just so I can see Paulina again. Having them interact and the whole family, it makes me so happy.
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What are your thoughts on Johnson’s biopic? Let us know your views in the comment section.
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