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It’s hard not to love every slime in Slime Rancher 2, but sometimes they can be a lot. Creating these Largos is the best way to keep your herd.
Slime Rancher 2, like the original, is a game that’s going to be around for a long time. With pleasant music, a perfectly whimsical setting, and criminally adorable slimes, it’s an instant hit with gamers of all kinds. To make slime-care a little easier, or just improve the aesthetics of your corrals, you can combine two different types of slimes into a Largo – a big, bubbly combination of the two.
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Whether you’re combining slimes to make your job more manageable, or just doing it for the looks, you’ll want to take note of all the best Largo slime combinations Slime Rancher 2 has to offer so far.
Combining the first two slimes you come across early on in Slime Rancher 2 is a big help. The Cotton slimes are ravenous eaters, but they’re restricted to a veggie-only diet. Combining them with the omnivorous Pink slimes adds a lot more versatility to their diet and makes upkeep so much easier than just having two separate corrals of single-type slimes.
Pink and Cotton plorts are your market staple for a while until you’re able to establish more corrals, so it’s also a great way to save space and keep plort production high.
The Honey slimes are one of the cutest slimes in the whole realm so far, but they’re a massive hassle to try and keep on your ranch. They make a great Largo team when combined with the Flutter slimes that are also a little more difficult to take care of and keep happy.
Adding them together gives you the ability to alternate between favorites and food sources, and ensures that you’re not depleting any of your rarer resources too quickly. Some foods are harder to come by, and this combo lets you keep your slimes close to home.
The Tabby slime is the short-tempered, carnivorous opposite of the mild-mannered vegetable-gorging Cotton plort. This fact makes them combine beautifully, making a Largo slime that can alternate between meat and vegetable sources and stay a lot happier for much longer.
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If you’re having a hard time keeping enough chickens to feed your Tabby slimes, or your chicken coop is starting to get out of control, teaming them up with a Cotton slime for an amazingly adorable Largo combination may just be the solution you’re looking for.
It may sound counter-intuitive to add wings onto a literal bomb, but the Batty Boom Largo is as cute as it is helpful. Batty slimes are much more docile than the explosive Boom slimes, helping to mellow out some of that dangerous spark. They’ll thrive out of sunlight, and pomegranates and hens are very easy to come by in large numbers.
Both the Boom and Batty plorts are worth quite a lot, making this a very lucrative and profitable Largo to keep on your ranch. Just make sure you have plenty of upgrades to keep them contained.
The Honey Crystal Largo slime is probably the cutest thing that can possibly exist in Slime Rancher 2. The Honey slime’s valuable, attractive plorts are best obtained through a Largo combination, and the Crystal slime is a great partner.
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Crystal plorts are incredibly valuable, and their spiky defenses may even help keep other hungry slimes away from the Honey plorts while you’re desperately scrambling to collect them. In addition to looking borderline edible, they’re essentially walking – or bouncing – gold mines.
The Tabby slime is the perfect slime version of a warm, soft cat. Add in the Phosphor slime’s aesthetics and you have a serene, glowing kitty that’s all love and wonder. Tabby Phosphor slimes aren’t just great to look at, either.
These joyful firefly-cats have an easy-to-maintain diet and a much more reasonable level of comfort. Tabby and Phosphor plorts aren’t the highest-dollar items, but they’re a good steady source of income, as well as a requirement for many upgrades and tools.
The quickest way to make a tricky, valuable slime easier to manage is by combining it with a Pink slime and creating an omnivorous Largo. Plus, every slime in the game looks much better in pink.
The Angler slime can be grumpy and hard to keep a stock of food for, but mixing it up with a Pink slime to make a Pink Angler Largo cuts your work in half. They lose a lot of grumpiness, but the ridiculously-happy expression of the Pink slime looks just as good on them as the ticked-off Angler pout.
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