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Chattanooga Cafe and Grill, located in Vienna, Austria | Photo provided by Chattanooga Cafe and Grill
Picture this: You’re on a vacation in Vienna, Austria. You turn around the corner of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, famished after spending a day walking around the city center. Suddenly, you stumble across a little café with folks enjoying the food outside under umbrellas. Then, you see the café’s name — Chattanooga.
Yes, located in the heart of Vienna is a café and grill bearing the same name as our Tennessee town (plus, menu items like “Chattanooga spare ribs” and a “Chattanooga burger”).
But why? Well, there’s actually some speculation about how the Austrian restaurant got its name. Here’s a few of the rumors from past travelers:

No matter how the spot really got its name, we’re interested in what those spare ribs taste like — according to local traveler Jim Johnson, who leads bike tours in Vienna with his company, they’re “just as good as any… in the south.” 👀
And, as it turns out, Vienna wasn’t the only place inspired by our city — Chattanooga also shares its name with restaurants in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Rome, Italy; and even a surf and skate shop in Paris, France. If you all beg the two of us to make a trip to one of these places — for work, obviously — we suppose we could try to make it happen (hint, hint, 6AM City).

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