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Announcements and new game releases have always been a moment when gamers become most active. They tend to keep close tabs on any minor and major developments. Surprisingly, Grand Theft Auto fans had been keeping the upcoming release on their radar. And it seems Rockstar Games might have done a slight development.
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Rockstar Games is a renowned member of the video gaming community. Producing riveting and engaging gaming titles, they have earned a pivotal place in the gaming sphere. Moreover, fan has been touching new heights of hype for the sixth title of the GTA series. And this piece of information might be something to think about.
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Recently, the Twitter account GTA 6 NEWS LEAK tweeted, “R*’s site was updated little more than 1 hour ago. People are freaking out about it. R* is loading up a newswire privately so that they can release whatever they’re planning to at a set time?”
Moreover, they provided a photo of what seems to indicate that the Rockstar Games’ website was updated. Now, provided that there has been hype about GTA VI, one could possibly think of a positive development toward that subject. If such is the case, then it would surely be a major occasion.
Notably, one could also expect them to release a new DLC for GTA V. Talking of GTA 5, one shall recollect the fact that Rockstar Games had released a ‘Thank You’ message for GTA V and GTA Online. But this update could simply come out regarding GTA 5.
Furthermore, this update could also mean being related to security updates, bug fixes, and user experience. Apparently, one can only speculate until something cementing is announced. Although, a piece of news relating to GTA VI would amp up the spirits of the fan.
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Until now, there had been many rumors and interesting facts traveling in the community. For example, it is expected that the sixth title would, for the first time, include a female protagonist. Moreover, the game will be based on the modern-day Vice City. Hence, one can only wait for the future to witness the unfolding of the game. Till then one can surely continue playing the game on their PlayStation and Xbox console, or on their PC systems.
Nevertheless, fans are stoked to see GTA 6 NEWS LEAK’s tweet. Consequently, making them brainstorm what could be the possible reason for the update. Here are a few reactions of the people to give a closer glance of people’s reactions:
25th birthday of the series
— °___° (@I_GTKRWM_I) October 21, 2022

Such a website (especially in size and function) updates itself every day. Security updates, minor adjustments,… Such big updates you do secretly, and so that you can not see them 😉
— Max (@ShelfMax) October 21, 2022

It's time
— zebeleuuu (@zebeleuuu) October 21, 2022

Where's the fcking trailer
— Tiki Taka (@Tikitaka_1899) October 21, 2022

Rockstar has been completely trying to get everyone to forget about the leaks and focus on new gta 5 dlc lmao. I bet they don’t reveal until close to Christmas
— Chris Ragula (@GauntletXGamer) October 21, 2022

Who is freaking out?
— Arthur (@coweaterw3) October 21, 2022

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You all just chill nothing gonna happen
— Kanji (@Kanjimannn) October 21, 2022

Thus, it can be safely said that the fans have their own theories and understandings. However, the fans would be on the lookout for news regarding Grand Theft Auto VI.
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According to you, when shall Rockstar Games release the upcoming title? And what unique thing can they instill in the game? Do tell us in the comments section below.
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