From Curb Your Enthusiasm to The Goldbergs: 10 Facts About Jeff Garlin

Jeff Garlin is one of Hollywood’s most interesting and underrated actors. Jeff Garlin is an American comedian, actor, director, producer, voice artist, and author. He is best known for his role as Jeff Greene on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

10 Interesting Facts About Jeff Garlin

For Season 10, Jeff Garlin’s character on ‘The Goldbergs’ was killed off. Jeff Garlin was born on June 5, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois. Here are 10 interesting facts about Jeff Garlin:

1. Garlin is best known for his role as George Bluth Sr. on the popular TV series “Arrested Development.”

2. Jeff Garlin is a stand-up comedian as well as an actor. He has been performing stand-up comedy for over 30 years.

3. He has written and directed several films, including the cult classic “Super High Me.”

4. In addition to his work in film, Jeff Garlin is also a successful voice actor. He has voiced characters in several animated films, including “Toy Story 3” and “Monsters University.”

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5. He is a passionate foodie. He has his own podcast called “The Food Network Obsessed Podcast” where he talks about all food-related things.

6. He is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. He was born and raised in Illinois and has been a lifelong Cubs fan. He has been to the World Series three times, including in 2016 when they won their first World Series since 1908.

7. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was his most famous role.

8. Garlin and comedian Larry David have a very close friendship. In fact, Garlin is one of the few people who knows how to make David laugh during filming.

9.On July 24, 1994, Garlin married Marla Beth Cahan. There are two sons in the family, James (b. 1996) and Duke (b. 2000).

10. He suffered a stroke at the age of 37 before filming began on Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

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