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For parents, seeing their kids and spending time with them is everything. When people move abroad for studies, their parents miss them a lot and long for their return. In a heartfelt gesture, a man surprised his father on his birthday by coming back from Canada. His father’s reaction to seeing his son is heart-warming to watch.
A video of the man surprising his father was shared on Twitter by an account named @Gulzar_sahab Thursday and it has received more than 1.12 lakh views so far. The video begins with the man celebrating his birthday and someone standing behind him, closing his eyes. The man’s son then surprises him with a cake. The man then hugs his son and doesn’t let go of him. He feels so overwhelmed by the surprise and has tears in his eyes.
Watch the video below:
भाई ने कनाडा से आकर अपने पापा को उनके जन्मदिन पर Surprise पर दिया ❤️🎁🥰
— ज़िन्दगी गुलज़ार है ! (@Gulzar_sahab) October 13, 2022
The exact location and time of the video is not known. However, netizens loved the video and posted lots of comments.
“An ecstatic parent who loves his child selflessly,” commented a Twitter user. “Wow so emotional moments this happiness nobody is able to buy it’s comes to heart,” said another. “No words to explain the precious moments,” wrote a third. “Everything is priceless over these emotions,” posted another.
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