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A prosecution of anti-fascist activists in San Diego is being decried by some experts as biased and political. It could also have serious implications for how the movement known as Antifa is prosecuted around the country. 
Meanwhile, a new book about the Proud Boys reveals a detailed written plan for a march in New York just days after the Jan. 6 insurrection.
It’s the week in extremism.
My deep-dive investigation into the prosecution of 11 antifascist activists in San Diego published this week. In the first-of-its kind case, the defendants have been charged with multiple felonies and the San Diego County district attorney is alleging they were involved in a conspiracy to commit a riot. 
Experts said the case could serve as a template for conservative prosecutors around the country.   
And there are other questions about the case: 
The takeaway: The San Diego case is a test for prosecutors around the country, experts said. If the 11 defendants are convicted, it could send a message to conservative prosecutors that they can prosecute Antifa more like a gang than a loosely organized political movement. 
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The extremist far-right street gang the Proud Boys isn’t especially known for its planning. The group specializes more in showing up at right-wing events and getting into fights. But a newly revealed document shows at least some members of the group had an exhaustive, detailed plan for a Jan. 10 march in New York City, just days after the Jan. 6 insurrection. 
It’s not the first written protest plan connected to the group. Earlier this year, I wrote about a Proud Boys document titled “1776 Returns” that was attached as an exhibit in a filing in the federal conspiracy case against the organization. That document contained similar details to the newly unearthed one. 
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