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Celebrating the versatility of natural diamonds as Hollywood actor Lily James stars in the new campaign for Natural Diamond Council. We talk to Natural Diamond Council’s Richa Singh about the vision behind their latest campaign and trends that catch the millennial eye.
Anything uncut or unfinished is not seen with an ideal eye unless you’re looking at a bunch of shiny diamonds. Well, in order to bring that bling and that extra to your ordinary, natural diamonds are here to adhere to the needful. No matter whether you’re just having brunch with your girls or running errands, your look seems incomplete without the natural diamonds. Confirming our belief is Richa Singh, Managing Director India and the Middle East at the Natural Diamond Council as she gives us inside access to what’s exciting and what’s new in the diamond industry.
The Natural Diamond Council is known for its mesmerising campaigns with the Hollywood glitterati, their latest campaign ‘To Treasure, Now and Forever’ starring Lily James does exactly that. In addition to the council’s vision, Singh also spills the beans on natural diamonds giving the main character energy and adding that glam to your daily glow.
Even though Natural Diamond Council is an industry body, our focus is always consumer-centric. Through our Only Natural Diamonds platform, we constantly create innovative content that is aimed at inspiring and educating audiences about the sustainable legacy and heritage of natural diamonds, as well as keeping them updated on the latest trends, designers to watch out
for, and buying guides. Through our marketing efforts in 2021, we touched about 510 million consumers in India alone, created nearly 250 pieces of content and our website received 43 million visits.
We recently launched our latest Jewellery Trend Report, curated by experts from the fields of design, styling, lifestyle, editorial, and jewellery. The three definitive diamond jewellery trends of 2022 are expected to make waves in the upcoming festive season. Everything we do is designed to help consumers discover and fall in love with natural diamonds while supporting the industry in dispelling myths and misconceptions about this billion-year-old wonder of nature. Our philosophy and vision are very clear, and that is what drives every initiative we launch.
The campaign, ‘To Treasure, Now and Forever’, highlights how natural diamonds are part of a woman’s life – not only for their beauty but also for their longevity; which allows her to celebrate all milestones of her life, both personal and professional. This jewellery also makes for the perfect heirloom to cherish and celebrate through generations, while being the perfect vehicle for self-expression.
Lily James truly enhances this vision with her versatility. The talent, authenticity, and energy she brings to the table are the perfect attributes to represent natural diamonds and we are thrilled to build upon the success of another record-breaking year for our industry.
Diamonds are truly timeless and they carry so much meaning. Every natural diamond is unique, just like every woman they adorn. They are the oldest things we will ever touch, and they represent heritage, legacy, and the history of our world. A diamond, in many ways, is akin to a woman – authentic, strong, resilient, and versatile.
NDC conducted extensive research over the past year, by delving into the mind of the consumer, and studying the cultural transformation that has seen a shift towards jewellery purchase as a medium of self-expression. Today’s youth is exploring timeless designs intertwined with an edgy appeal. They use their natural diamond jewellery to tell their own stories with a dash of playfulness and glamour. The three jewellery trends we have curated reflect this changing dynamic, recognizing the whimsical spirit and charism of younger millennials that is grounded in vintage choices.
The first trend to define this year’s jewellery is Hoops with a Twist – the hero earring silhouette that seamlessly transforms the classic, flirtatious accessory into something that lights up the red carpet. Another trend that will mark this year’s fashion expression is Mismatched Diamonds – allowing the wearers to make an individual statement with subtlety. Lastly, Vintage Cuts are seen to be making a resurgence this year with a special focus on Briolettes and Rose Cuts.
Natural diamonds are an inspiration for everyone, regardless of gender, profession, and ethnicity. They symbolize strength and authenticity, two qualities that are very personal to me. Over the last 2 years, people have developed a new respect for nature, history, heritage, and craftsmanship. They are demanding that every product they invest in carries with it a responsibility towards conservation and protecting the earth’s fragile resources. Natural diamonds do so much good for the world and give back in so many myriad ways, and this story of purpose is so compelling. Through our work at NDC, I want to share this story with consumers all over India, inspiring them to fall in love with their diamonds. My dream is that when I walk into any room every woman, and man, in it will have a sparkling natural diamond of their own.
Feature and Hero image courtesy: Natural Diamond Council.  
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