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Apart from being a WWE legend, the highest-paid Hollywood actor and inspirational figure, Dwayne Johnson, is also a fitness icon for many. Over the past few years, we have seen his social media flooded with posts related to bodybuilding and fitness.
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The Rock only has drinks on his cheat day, i.e. Sundays. However, recently he might have asked for a drink on a weekday to neutralize his emotions on the set of Young Rock season three.
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Dwayne Johnson recently shared a video on his Instagram from the sets of Young Rock season three. There was an emotional moment between ‘The Great One’ and the young actor, Adrain Groulx, who plays 10-year-old Dewey in the series as they met for the first time.
Johnson thought he was talking to his younger self and praised him for his work. Moreover, DJ also shed a light on being emotional after meeting Joseph Lee Anderson, who plays Rocky Johnson.
He wrote, “Pretty wild stuff right!?!? 🤯It’s like talking to them and hugging your lost loved one all over again. It’s like you get one more chance to say hello. Or goodbye. After all these emotions, I need a drink 🥺🥃😂”
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In the video, the former WWE Champion says, “(I have) gratitude for you because, truth is this whole thing really from the experience that I have growing up at your age when it started, that’s when I started feel the pressure. These guys have the pressure, being Soulman’s kid and even before I began 15-16. So that’s what you’re feeling coming on the set.”
Furthermore, he called Groulx, the anchor of the show, and thanked everyone. This roller coaster ride of emotions surely would’ve got DJ to have a drink while not being on a cheat day.
Over the last year, we have seen The Rock promoting his tequila brand, whatever the situation or the occasion is. However, the same didn’t happen this time when he asked for a drink after meeting Adrain Groulx and Joseph Lee Anderson together on the set.
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Usually, Dwayne Johnson pops a bottle of Teremana on Sundays to make a toast on his cheat day. However, he just wrote, “I need a drink” without using the hashtag Teremana and it was on a weekday.
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This shows how emotional the moment Johnson had when he saw his reel life 10-year-old and father together on the set. Nevertheless, The Rock never forgets to promote his brand on his social whenever he opens a bottle of tequila.
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