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Taurus, you need some street nous taking action over money or work-related issues.
Play can make you better at your job.
We’ll take the lot
SHOPPING: This list contains excessive amounts of fun.
Poor Dolly had a badly infected and ruptured eye when she was rescued.
It’s not Halloween without some pumpkin picking.
SHOPPING: Consider us fully in the festive spirit
This mum says calling kids ‘naughty’ makes them compliant – which we don’t actually want in the long term.
Your old Zara favourites could be popping up on the soon-to-be launched Pre-Owned platform.
‘I was so uncomfortable in my own body.’
SHOPPING: ‘Like getting a cuddle from your bed.’
This could all be yours.
Lovely Hugo is always stumbling over because he forgets he’s only got three legs.
Featuring free champagne.

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