The emotional tribute by Cheslie Kryst's mother one year after former Miss USA's death – Marca English

She sent an emotional message during the Miss Universe 2023 competition
Cheslie Kryst’s mother has paid tribute to her late daughter at the Miss Universe 2023 competition.
The former Miss USA lost her life at the age of 30 after falling from her apartment in New York City in a suspected suicide.
Cheslie‘s mother, April, has sent a message of support to people who have been struggling with mental health.
“As many of you know, Cheslie dealt with high-functioning depression,” April said.
“The Cheslie you saw didn’t always match the way she felt inside.
“Just because someone tells you they’re fine, doesn’t mean they are.
“We all need to listen when we check in on our strong friends.
“Create a safe space so they have room to share if they are challenged.
“I’m encouraged to announce a partnership with Nami, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which has established the Cheslie C Kryst Memorial Fund for Mental Health.
“I’m honored to be here tonight to share Cheslie‘s story and I ask that you share it.
“Share it with others in hopes that together we can break the stigma and talk more about mental health. Be well.”
Cheslie Kryst plunged from the 29th floor of her high-rise building a few hours after posting a picture of herself on social media.
“May this day bring you rest and peace,” she captioned the picture published on Instagram.
She was just 30 years old and her death was ruled as a suicide by the coroner.
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