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Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon have slammed the Australian Republic Movement for discussing the possibility of a referendum before Queen Elizabeth II has even been buried.
While presenting from London, Karl unleashed on the group, saying it was inappropriate to be speaking of such things during a period of mourning.
Speaking about founding member Malcolm Turnbull and ARM chair Peter FitzSimons, husband to Karl’s former co-host Lisa Wilkinson, the host hit out, saying having “pasty white guys” as the leaders of the movement guaranteed its failure.
“There’s still people out there doing it. I just think it’s so rude,” he said of the movement.
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“Let me tell you, it is not going to happen while you’ve got pasty white guys like Peter FitzSimons and Malcolm Turnbull fronting up in Australia.”
Allison agreed, saying, “I did tell Peter if he was at the front of the movement, I would always vote for a monarchy.”
The Australian Republic Movement has temporarily suspended the push for a republic until after the Queen’s funeral.
FitzSimons has previously criticised King Charles, telling Daily Mail earlier this year that he expected republican sentiment to “get a surge once Australia leans in close and looks at” their new king.
It comes as Lisa Wilkinson was flown over to London to cover the Queen’s death and funeral for The Project, despite being married to Peter.
According to The Australian, Ten has insisted that Lisa would always be the logical choice to send to London as she covered both Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle and Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton and has extensive royal knowledge given her experience as a magazine editor.
It’s unknown if Lisa shares her husband’s strong views on the matter.
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