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Arlo Safe is a personal safety solution that’s triggered at the press of a…
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Arlo, known for its leading home security products, has launched Arlo Safe – a new safety app and device to increase personal safety no matter where you are.
Arlo Safe combines an app and a physical button device which work together to provide immediate access to support in an emergency.
It has just launched in the US and will be coming to Australia in the coming weeks.

When it comes to Australia, the app will be free to download on iOS and the Google Play store.
Arlo Safe is a personal safety solution that’s ideal for those customers who maybe walking home at night, for students, teenagers walking to and from school, daily commuters and elderly family members.
One of the main features is one-touch emergency response which allows users to instantly direct fire, police or medical responders to their location 24/7.
Arlo Safe also gives family members the ability to view your current location and to receive notifications when family members arrive or leave home, the office or school.
This feature also allows an SMS to be sent directly to emergency contacts or emergency services to a family member in need.

The device also has crash detection and can trigger an emergency response to your exact location and even share medical information with first responders.
“With Arlo Safe, we’re leveraging Arlo’s award-winning expertise around smart home security and intuitive, easy-to-use design to deliver the most secure, comprehensive safety app that keeps pace with our modern, busy lives,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Products at Arlo Technologies.
“Features like 24/7 live agent emergency support, location sharing, family check-ins, and safety alerts provide on-the-go protection to keep you safe in a time of need.”
Arlo Safe brings the app and the Arlo Safe Button together to work in tandem to send safety and emergency alerts and to send your approximate location.
The button is small enough to easily fit discreetly in your hand, pocket or on a keychain and uses Bluetooth to communicate to the Arlo safe app on your smartphone.

This means the user, in the event of an emergency, doesn’t have to waste time reaching for their phone before calling for help.
In the US, the Arlo Safe button will be priced at $US29.99 with a one-year subscription to the Arlo Safe Family plan available for $US119.99.
There are three different monthly subscriptions starting at $US4.99 for individuals, $US9.99 for families and then you safe insecure pro plan for complete security at home and on the move for $US19.99 per month.
The Arlo Safe and Secure Pro plan combines the Arlo Safe plan with those of the Arlo Secure Plus homes plan, so you are protected at home and on the go anytime.
Pricing of the Arlo Safe button and the Arlo Safe plans in Australia is yet to be announced.
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