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Published: Oct 17, 2022
BioExcel Diagnostics has developed and validated infectious disease panels to detect a unique combination of targets for common diseases. These infections include urinary tract infections, respiratory tract pathogens, sexually transmitted diseases, wound care, nail fungus, antibiotic resistance, and women’s health (coming soon). Together with Takara Bio USA, BioExcel Diagnostics has adapted these panels for use on Takara Bio’s SmartChip® Real-Time PCR System. Integration of the infectious disease panels with this multiplexed nanoscale qPCR technology will enable BioExcel Diagnostics to offer results from high-accuracy, advanced laboratory tests within 24–48 hours.
The automated method uses the SmartChip real-time PCR instrument, chips, and reagents to run 5,184 reactions per chip in less than 30 minutes of direct hands-on time. Each nanoliter-scale reaction reduces variability by eliminating the preamplification step and reduces costs because of decreased reagent volumes. The trusted SmartChip Real-Time PCR System is already widely used for the detection of antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance around the world and is ideally suited to address the challenges of infectious disease research.
“High-throughput qPCR is a powerful tool for data analysis related to a wide range of human health issues, including pathogen detection, clinical biomarkers, and antibiotic resistance. We are pleased to see how the flexibility and scale of the SmartChip system is supporting the development of large panels for multiple types of infectious diseases—ultimately enabling advancements in these areas of global concern,” President & CEO of Takara Bio USA Carol Lou said.
Houston-based BioExcel Diagnostics is a full-service CLIA- and CAP-accredited high complexity laboratory specialized in molecular diagnostics and clinical genomics. BioExcel Diagnostics aims to develop and validate affordable yet highly accurate and clinically relevant testing solutions to mitigate inefficiencies in molecular diagnostic testing. “We have found Takara Bio’s SmartChip technology to be a great choice for molecular testing of infectious diseases,” President and Lab Director at BioExcel Diagnostics Mehdi Dehghani, PhD, says. Learn more about the partnership in an interview with Dr. Dehghani.
BioExcel Diagnostics has launched advanced infectious disease testing services using these adapted panels and the SmartChip Real-Time PCR System. Takara Bio USA will support the establishment of their research-use-only products to be used in combination with the SmartChip Real-Time PCR System for pathogen detection in research settings and to support clinician-led research in the development of clinical assays.
About Takara Bio
Takara Bio USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc. that manufactures and distributes kits, reagents, and instruments for the life sciences, including NGS, PCR, gene delivery, genome editing, stem cell research, nucleic acid and protein purification, and automated sample preparation.
Takara Bio Inc., a world leader in biotechnology research and development, offers a host of life science research solutions, from enzymes and GMP reagents to contracted cell and gene therapy manufacturing services, and is the developer of RetroNectin® reagent, a world standard in gene therapy protocols. Takara Bio is committed to preventing disease and improving the quality of life for all people through the use of biotechnology.
About BioExcel Diagnostics
BioExcel Diagnostics is a CAP-accredited high complexity laboratory specialized in molecular diagnostics and clinical genomics in Houston, Texas, and is owned and operated by molecular diagnosticians and clinical laboratory professionals. BioExcel Diagnostics was founded in 2020 with the belief that quality, timeliness, and affordability brought together by state-of-the-art technologies and the latest innovations improve desired health outcomes. With this goal, we continuously strive to mitigate inefficiencies in molecular diagnostic testing and find the best solutions to unanswered questions to optimize patient care and precision medicine. BioExcel Diagnostics also offers a broad range of contract clinical research options using their CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory.

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