Is This the Best Bagel Place in Toms River, NJ, You Said, "Yes" –

Bagels are a favorite of New Jerseyans. We have the "best" bagels anywhere on this planet.
When I visit friends in the south such as in Florida and North Carolina, they always ask me to bring bagels. They used to live in New Jersey and they know the best is right here in New Jersey.
When it comes to New Jersey and our bagels, the egg bagel and the everything bagel are the most popular. Cream cheese is the most popular topping and flavored cream cheese.
Recently we had our Shawn & Sue Poll for "best bagels" and the winner of our Annual Best Bagels in Ocean County was New York Water Bagel in Toms River. The Top 5 winners in Ocean County are New York Water Bagel, Silver Bay Bagel, JT's, Bagels & Beyond, and Barons. I have to say JT's in Lacey is delicious. We're there a lot, especially on weekends and the line is out the door.
Mary from Brick: Seriously people?? Barons on 88 in Point.. nothing better.
Vicki from Toms River: Silver Bay Bagels – More specifically their Everything Bagel.
Stan, Kristina, Carl, Tony, LeAnne, Troy, Tony T, and more all said New York Water Bagel.
Hands down, this question brings so many votes, where's the best bagel? There is one bagel in Toms River that always seems to win and it was chosen by you. It's New York Water Bagel.



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