NJ Grandma Ranks Her 10 Grandchildren in Hilarious TikTok – 94.5 PST

Forget being ranked in a major league sports leaderboard. Imagine being ranked by your grandmother against your siblings and cousins. This grandma is making it no secret as to where her grandchildren stand in her eyes.
Mary La Morte a New Jersey grandma, has caught national attention for a TikTok in which she ranks her 10 grown grandchildren on a chart hanging up on the wall. Mainly it depends on who checks in with her more often.
Her son, comedian Dan LaMorte (ranked at #4, the highest he's ever been) posted the TikTok, where it caught the attention of the TODAY Show. In the video we see Mary's savagery in action after Dan shows him his new tattoo. She gasps in horror and promptly demotes him all the way down to #10 after he shows it to her.
For me, it's the fact that someone actually went through the trouble of making the board with thee grandchildren's faces attached to magnets. You know – to make the pain more organized and efficient.
Take a look at the hilarious video down below!
The sibling/cousin rivalry has got to be SO real in this family. It's all love and fun, of course, as Dan explained to the TODAY Show:
“Some people are getting upset and saying ‘you can’t rank your grandkids,’ but hey, we’re all adults,” Dan told TODAY. “It’s her way of making sure we check in with her. Tough love is definitely her thing.”
Here's one of Mary's interviews on TV. Everyone has a good laugh.
Hey, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody!


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